Graphic Tees (2008-2009)

Recycled t-shirts with fabric marker, paint, thread, cloth, and photo iron-ons
Dimensions variable

Graphic Tees is a series of more than 30 works that I made between 2008 and 2009. In each piece, I recycled/reused t-shirts with words on them by obfuscating or eliminating the words with fabric markers, paint, sewn cloth, or iron-ons made from my own landscape photographs. I began the series because I was beginning to notice such an overabundance of these shirts with text on them—from slogans to witty or offensive comments to mass-produced manifestos—that they seemed to create a relentless, meaningless noise. By covering up the words, I attempt to quiet this noise. And by transforming the t-shirts by hand, treating each as a unique design and conceptual challenge, I reassert the joy and value in craft, individualism, and discovery through artistic process.

Note: While I have attempted to keep the shirts wearable by using washable fabric paints, iron-ons, etc., I consider these artworks before clothing pieces. Wear and wash gently at your own risk.