I love you (2006)

Writing samples, ink, and archival tape on paper
Series of 12 drawings, each 12” x 9” (framed, 15.9” x 12.6” x 1.5”)

For this series, I cut samples out of letters from every person who had ever written “I love you” to me. I limited the samples to this exact phrase, not including variations such as “we love you” or the closing, “love you.” I taped a sample to the top of each drawing, copying the person’s handwriting to the best of my ability several times below.

I felt very close to the person while copying the phrase. I was thinking of how each of these persons has taught me to love, and that love seems to be created by reciprocity and sympathy with another person. I tried to feel the moment of love captured in the handwritten phrase regardless of my current relationship with the person. Of course I have an inability to copy without mistakes, and felt some inherent distance in the process, too.